My Evidence That Zerrie is Fake (Source: louzerz)

This is the post that louzerz deleted

This is all the evidence I have so far (and that I need) of Zerrie being fake. I still respect them, but I think their relationship was set up for publicity. Read on to find out more about what was posted by someone last night, and what my insider told me.

Okay, next comes this:

Last night I posted that evidence on my Twitter. The picture of what happened got like 80 RTs or something, so I think that’s why I got a message in my tumblr inbox later. I replied back to the message privately (not thinking to screen shot it), but what it said was basically, “I saw your Twitter post. If you want to know more about Zerrie being fake, or want more proof, answer this privately.”

So I did. I think I must’ve been late on replying because I didn’t get a reply until I checked my laptop when I woke up today. She asked if I post her story to keep her name confidential, so that’s what I’m doing. Here is what she sent me:

(This next part kind of skips or she made a mistake; she sent this all from her cell phone.)

(She told me after this to let her know if any of it didn’t send, and the last part didn’t so I told her.)

I asked if she would meet him again:

Why I think she’s legit:

She’s 18 and from Florida - Perfect age and place for the story.

Also, none of her tumblr posts/pictures have anything to do with One Direction at all.

I’m guessing this is another girl from that night or something. Maybe she came after or before, I don’t know. But this goes to show that Zerrie is fake. You don’t have to believe any of it if you don’t want to, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer. None of those asks were fake, I didn’t photoshop a single thing.

Leave your comments in my askbox.


Yet another girl has contacted me, and this is what she had to say:

This is the full picture she sent me:

This is the close up of Zayn’s face:


There is no proof to this one, but I checked her tumblr and it does seem legit as well. I put this update here just for consideration, but yeah I understand if you don’t believe it haha. Another girl messaged me about fooling around with Zayn and buying him and the boys beer, and I posted her story before but there was no proof and people didn’t believe it so I took it out. But I’m just saying here that that’s what her story was about.


Credit for this part: (On twitter) @niallsassmeh & @mybodehh

Watch this video from Phoenix:

1:08-1:10 - Louis mouths to Harry that he’s going to sing “He just don’t fuck her right.”

2:17-2:21 - Zayn “For a little while inside my arms.”

2:21-2:23 - Harry “What a lie!

3:12-3:13 - Louis gestures to Harry that he’s changing the lyrics coming up, or he’s reminding him.

3:19-3:21 - Louis, looking directly at Zayn, “He just don’t fuck her right.

My interpretation of this is that Harry and Louis are either saying Zayn’s a bad boyfriend or he sleeps around a lot or they’re mocking him.

I’m friends with this girl that texts Harry and she said after this happened he never texted her back that night. He texted her the afternoon after, apologizing and saying he got his phone taken away (can I just stop here and laugh my ass off at the fact that an eighteen year old got his phone taken away?). She asked him why and he said “Haha I shouldn’t say… So what’s up?” and changed the subject.

I also heard rumors that management was pissed off at Harry and this could be part of the reason why.


So I was looking at this picture:

Does anyone else find this odd? They’re just standing there, arms down, kissing. They aren’t even holding each other or trying to get closer. That isn’t really normal if you ask me. When you’re kissing someone you like or love, you don’t just stand there, only your lips touching. Look at this picture of Danielle and Liam:

Danielle has her hand on the back of his neck, holding him there in a loving way, and Liam is probably holding her too. They just look real.

Also, Danielle & Liam and Eleanor & Louis barely have any pictures at all of them kissing on the internet and they don’t just kiss in front of everyone out in public like that. The pictures that they do have kissing aren’t high quality, and were leaked. Then there’s Zerrie, getting high quality professional pictures taken of them by photographers. That’s not sketchy at all.

Danielle and Liam pictured together out:

Louis and Eleanor pictured together out:

Both couples are just walking around casually, going to their destination and what not. Generally not looking at the cameras.

Then we have Zayn and Perrie.

What’s wrong with this picture?

1). Scooter. They decided to go out together on a fucking scooter. Because that’s just the kind of thing you do when you first start dating. Scooter ride.

2). Perrie’s face. She’s making this awkward face, looking straight ahead and not really talking to Zayn or smiling. Is she embarrassed? I would make a weird face if I was on a scooter, but her facial expression is just really odd.

3). Zayn’s stare. He’s looking right at the camera. He knows it’s there. He knows this was taken before their relationship went public. Remember how uptight he was about this picture of him caught kissing someone?

He said it was just a friendly kiss, it didn’t mean anything. He knew all those pictures of him with Perrie would leak, and he didn’t cover it up for the sake of his relationship. He didn’t hide it at all like Louis & Eleanor and Danielle & Liam do, or how he did in past relationships.

Just putting that out there.


Okay, I wasn’t going to add this, but now I am. Let me just explain something first: I added this story originally from the blog where I got other information, but I took it down because people were telling me it was fake since this is the story about Zayn hooking up with a girl while he was back in the UK and people said it was fake because his sister confirmed it wasn’t her birthday. Well, I saw a post by this girl saying she knew for sure now that Zerrie was fake and she had evidence. I asked her what her evidence was and she directed me to another girl’s tumblr, and this is the story that girl told me:

(I couldn’t screenshot it all the way to the bottom, but she was just explaining that it wasn’t rape.)

I told her thank you and also told her that people said that Zayn’s sister said it wasn’t her birthday and I wanted to know if she made a mistake in the details or if she thought Zayn’s sister was lying for him or something.

So, same story, but in her point of view and explanation.

As with the rest of the things in this post, you don’t have to believe it, I’m just keeping you updated.

Another girl contacted me as well, telling me she had more information about Zerrie being fake and she told me her story.

I asked her when this was and she said it was when they were in Toronto. Comparing this to the other girl’s story (that had the picture from Toronto), I’m guessing the other girls didn’t want to hook up with Zayn and Harry so they found new girls, or it was the day before or after that story since the boys were in Toronto for (definitely at least) two days.

As always, leave your comments/questions in my ask box and I’ll get back to you.

All I’m going to say is at this point, I honestly don’t believe that so many girls are making up fake stories about Zayn. There are way too many now for Zerrie to be real, even if some of them are fake. And if Zerrie is real (it doesn’t seem so to me), then Zayn has some explaining to do because he’s definitely hooking up with girls. I rather Zerrie be fake than Zayn be a cheater.

So in closure

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